We were on vacation in Vieques over New Year Year’s with friends.  Near the end of the week, Andrew suggested that it might be nice to get away from the group and spend a day alone together and maybe see the island’s highest peak.  So we took one of the cars and headed across the island.

When we reached what looked like the road heading up the mountain, we were surprised to find it closed to vehicles.  So we figured we’d hike up the trail to see where it took us.  After a good hour or so up the mountain, we hit a bend and thought we’d finally arrived, only to be greeted by a chain link fence.  Andrew, however, was undaunted.  He said, “let’s just crawl under it.”  And well, it did seem that we’d climbed an awful long way not to see what was up there...

So we climbed under the fence to find…a helipad (Vieques used to be a military training ground) and a sign marking the highest point of the island.  Jodi took some pictures of Andrew with the sign and then Andrew asked Jodi to point off into the distance so that he could get a picture of her (meanwhile, Jodi was thinking to herself “this is going to be a pretty lame picture, you can’t even see the view over these big bushes”).  But then Andrew said “turn around” and he was on his knees in the middle of the helipad with a ring in his hand.  Jodi, of course, said yes and there was joy, and tears, and a lot of sweat from climbing up the mountain, and a lot of slippery kissing.

So we walked back down the mountain, drove to the nearest beach and jumped in the ocean.

And then, we came back home to the villa we had rented and our friends were waiting for us on the terrace with champagne and singing.  Of course, everyone (except Jodi) had known the entire week and not a single one of them had let on at all.